Friday, December 21, 2012

since I don't know quite what to write

I have so much to say, yet nothing really to say. Therefore... a peek into our simple week here.

Bugaboo attempting (again) to get into a present Papa sent from California.
Have I mentioned that this sweet little boy is doing better and better getting from the floor to standing up all on his own?  We cheer big every time it happens. Then he smile or claps, and I get teary-eyed. I've been doing that a lot lately.
Christmas cookies - mostly decorated by Bubby.
We got behind on Truth in the Tinsel - so I adapted and did this 3 year old friendly nativity. I'm realizing what type of mom I am this holiday season - one who likes some routine with flexibility and the ability to wing it quite a bit.
Bubby the morning of his preschool Christmas program/party. Lots of cute photos and video of that day that I won't put on the blog since it includes other people's kids.  I will say that I have the cutest kid in that class.
Mr. Potato head made his way from Auntie Lisa and Uncle Adam's house to us - and the glasses are always the best part.
Picture I chose not to feature here - the one of the moment yesterday when my 3 year old had climbed completely naked - into his brother's crib at naptime after he decided to pee near his own bed.  When I asked him later why he took his clothes off, his reply was, "I just like naked."
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  1. I love the cookies and the potato head glasses! So sweet. It's good that you are aware of what kind of a mom you are. For a long time I thought I had to be the kind of mom that I am not. When I discovered that it's okay to be me, that really helped me be okay with winging it. Something I tend to do often. // Stopping by from Life Rearranged. Welcome to InstaFriday! and Merry Christmas!

  2. I love the little nativity craft. I'm tucking that idea away for next year.

  3. Stopping by from Life Rearranged. Your photos are too cute and the story about the photo you didn't share made me laugh. I have two boys so I can only imagine, ha! Merry Christmas!


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