Monday, December 3, 2012

MSM - what a genetics test can't tell you

Genetics called today.  The recent tests came back with the same answer as the previous tests.


I sighed with relief as I talked to the genetic counselor on the phone and wrote down the date of our next appointment.  Then I went to my room (by some miracle the call came at naptime), and opened my journal to pray and cry.  We are still left with questions and no answers.

Tonight I sat down to do Money Shot Monday, which I almost didn't until I read Shannan's confession on her post. I found this picture from this afternoon - since I am taking daily pictures of our Advent activities.  Here he is waiting for big brother to finish helping me clean up our mess.

My  Bugaboo. 

I don't need a geneticist or neurologist to tell me what I already know. He is one of the sweetest kids in the world, and he has been working so hard. I couldn't be prouder than I was tonight - when he finally (successfully) went from sit to stand all by himself without assistance from a person or an object.


  1. What a cutie-pie! I'm so glad you got some good news, but am praying tonight that soon you get some answers. In the meantime...Yippee for his Big Achievement today!

  2. Oh girl, this is all kinds of sappy happy MONEY! What a fella!


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