Tuesday, December 11, 2012

a day late and a dollar short - MSM

Yesterday was catch-up day on our Advent activities.  Do you see those hands for our countdown wreath? Notice anything about one of them - how it looks like an amphibian footprint or something?  Also, do you notice the squarish shape of some of the fingers on the other hands?

I didn't even try to fix them for our wreath.  This is how they were traced. And then we stuck them on the wall. And I was happy.

But before that, I was a little annoyed with the activities yesterday. That kind of defeats the purpose of doing the activities. So I embraced the funkiness of these fingers, and I let go of the fact that my three and a half year old put the Joseph ornament next to the angel instead of next to Mary.

Some year the Advent activities may be worthy of a Martha Stewart award (who are we kidding? Probably not.) But this year the purpose is just to be together, to do something together, and to learn a little along the way.

So I'm letting go (Again. Daily.) of my perfectionistic tendencies. And that's why I'm okay with posting this a day late.  Somehow Advent is teaching me different lessons than I thought it would this year.

joining with Shannan for Money Shot Monday.


  1. Awww. I LOVE the wonky hands. It's so hard to let go. Right now I'm pissed of that my house is messy. Because, I HAVE BEEN CLEANING IT FOR A MILLION YEARS!

    1. Oh Joann - I had that same pissed off feeling today for that same reason. I stomped around and threw out a couple of bags of trash. Then I calmed down by lunchtime only to have the horrible poop incident of 2012 (not me actually - my 3 year old had the incident - I don't poop ALL OVER MY BED) happen right after I posted this nice thing. And now I am back online because it is cheaper than therapy - counting down the hours until 9 PM when the hubs arrives home and Parenthood is on. :) I hope this wasn't an overshare.

  2. I botched a batch of crack bark and sent a tray of it off to Calvin's doc and nurses today anyway. There was a day that would have NEVER happened. Letting go! Feels kinda good.


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