Monday, November 19, 2012

wild thing - Money Shot Monday

It is rumored that bath time calms most children. But not my boys. Perhaps it's because my oldest runs around naked for a few minutes afterwards. Perhaps it's the wrestling and zubba-ing that occurs once the footie pajamas are on. Whatever it is, it was wild around here for at least thirty minutes after bath tonight.

And Bugaboo's crazy hair - the hair that has done it's own thing since the day he was born?  Just as crazy right after bath. This hair, this stinkin' adorable hair, has made him almost-famous around these parts. Strangers at the grocery store want to touch it, older moms in elevators share their stories of their own grown-up-babies' hard to manage 'do's, and well-loved friends can't resist trying to snuggle our sweet boy with the wild hair.

By the time I go to bed it doesn't matter that Bugaboo cried for two hours this morning, and then goobered up my pajamas trying to settle into sleep tonight.  All I can think of right before I close up my computer and put my head on my pillow each night is that I love my crazy-haired-boy so much my heart overflows, and I love his opposite-haired-big brother just as much.

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