Monday, November 26, 2012

out of the lunch rut - Money Shot Monday

This weekend I ate the most incredible fruity chicken salad sandwich at a cute little restaurant in my hometown.  Let it be known that I don't even LIKE chicken salad - everything about regular chicken salad grosses me out.  But I took a risk and ordered something that even with the label "chicken salad" sounded good because this restaurant only makes delicious food. The risk paid off.

Fast-forward to this morning. I was very productive. Two grocery stores. Laundry. Regular mommy-stuff. And my mission - to find a recipe for this chicken salad I had seven hours away.  Nothing on Pinterest seemed exactly like it. So I took aspects of two or three of them plus my memory of what else was in the dish and TA-DA - a new lunch alternative.

It is very tasty. The picture taken via my phone is not great. But trust me. It is delicious. Now if I could just find the recipe for the amazing wheat-berry bread, I'm in business. For now I will eat it on crackers.

Amanda MacB's spin on the Fruity Chicken Salad:

1 1/2 cups of cooked chicken - cut or shredded (I did not measure - just cooked up a few frozen boneless skinless chicken tenderloins)
large handful of red grapes - cut
1/3 cucumber - diced (not sure if what I think of as the difference between cut, diced, and chopped, is accurate, but oh well)
1/2 large granny smith apple - chopped
1 handful of dried cranberries
1/2 handful of pecans (I added these just before putting on crackers, but the choice is yours)
1/3 cup mayo (I hate mayo - hate it - but it is a necessary component it seems, and I don't hate it as much any more)
1-2 tablespoons honey (I'll be honest - I just drizzled this all over until it seemed sweet enough)

Mix all ingredients together in large-ish bowl.  Cover. Chill for a few hours.  This was great at lunch, but even better tonight once it had relaxed all day in my fridge.

Serve on crackers. Or a croissant. Or wheatberry bread if you are lucky enough to have some.

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  1. My 84 y.o. mother has been asking me for chicken salad with grapes in it. I'll have to make it for her!

  2. I also hate you think this would work with yogurt as a replacement?

    1. I think so. Just last night I saw a recipe that used Greek yogurt - wish I would have done that instead.

  3. You may have me inspired to try this chicken salad recipe, because I have absolutely not found one I like!!

  4. Looks good! I love a great chicken salad. And variety makes it fun! I actually never use straight mayo (looking at the previous comments) in my chicken salad -- I typically will use 1/2 or 2/3 plain, unsweetened yogurt and the rest mayo for the dressing! It's much tastier and less calories I think!

  5. I LOVEEEEE chicken salad! My favorite ever was actually in a salad in, not served on bread, but rather over lettuce. (You're very welcome for the clarification.) It was from, of all places California Pizza Kitchen. Do you have one near you? (I don't. Wah.) If so, you gotta go try it! Waldorf Chicken Salad. Or something like that. No mayo to be found.


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