Friday, October 5, 2012

waiting room (a poem for day 5)

this is what we have been called to
for this season


for an answer, direction, a door, a window

and we sit in this room
in uncomfortable chairs
watching others go through the doors and down a hall
or come out and exit with a note in hand
while we sit
and continue to wait

for our name to be called

we get up and check the progress
inquiring how much longer
but no concrete answer is dispensed

so we wait

and do our best to encourage one another to stay strong
when we feel like leaving
giving up

we offer our waiting, our trusting, our keeping of faith
as a sacrifice
an offering of all we have to give right now
not demanding anything in return
but hoping this gift is acceptable
while believing the outcome of waiting will someday

be revealed

(I wrote this poem two years ago. At the time I was pregnant with Bugaboo and wondering where life was taking us--- or rather, where life was not taking us.)

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