Monday, October 15, 2012

to wait or to act? (day 15)

"When I graduate..."
"When I meet someone..."
"When I get married..."
"When I have kids..."
"When the kids are older..."

I think life is moving at a pretty fair pace until I see other people changing.  That little girl I used to baby-sit started college this year.  The kids I met in Venezuela on mission trips in my college summers - they are getting married, having babies, succeeding in ministry.  The nephews and niece I have on The Hubs' side - the ones that were adorable when I met them are now teens/pre-teens. (And they wouldn't probably like me calling them adorable any more!) My friends' have careers, ministries, families, and responsibilities. And I won't even start on my own babies or I will just sit here and cry.

Things can get busy if we don't intentionally slow down. Part of the blessing of waiting for something (or many somethings) is the need to focus on the here and now.  What we want isn't happening yet, so what will I do in the mean time? Twiddle my thumbs? Complain? Or find out what else God wants me to do in the waiting time?

There is wisdom in waiting, but there is also wisdom in acting in obedience.  And sometimes the obedience in the waiting is to act upon something else God is calling us too. Am I putting off obeying because I am so busy waiting for something that has consumed all of my attention? The key in knowing what to do happens through discernment. Am I exercising patience or am I making excuses?

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