Friday, October 12, 2012

a friend's wisdom (day 12)

My dear friend, Lindy wrote this. She is a wise, deep, and talented person. I asked if I could share her recent words on my blog.  (I took some liberty with just the formatting since it was in her facebook status.)

When truth masquerades as trial and light covers itself beneath wings of darkness; 
when hope presents itself as suffering and grace hides itself in pain:
when expectations turn to profound mystery,
when purpose is masked in confusion...

these moments turn life into an offering of our spirit,
a lifting of our souls to that which is so far wiser,
who understands more deeply,
who constructs the heavens and governs the earth,
who gives breath and life...

and in that offering says "I am yours, do as you will."

~Lindy Tilus

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