Sunday, October 21, 2012

(An interuption from the waiting series for...) What Bubby Wore

Inspired by previous twitter pictures of "What Shel Wore" by JoAnn of Ostriches Look Funny and a facebook conversation with Danavee of This Vintage Grove (not groove), I present to you - What Bubby Wore:
Picture Day at Pre-school with his "spikey hair"

The new fall fashion of underwear as a hat/helmet/ski mask:

 Church clothes, baseball cap, red rainboots:

And a not-quite-so-recent picture of my favorite shark after bathtime:

Sad sidenote: I wore my gray dress and brown boots and fully intended to take a picture of myself for a change. However, prechurch pictures are out of the question due to the time factor, and postchurch I too quickly changed into yoga pants and a sweatshirt.

Other sidenote: I need to learn how to easily upload Instagram pictures to the blog. 


  1. HAHAHA! Love it. The underwear helmet was my fave.

    Instagram photos to FB........I got a "statigram" account to manage mine........and can save them from there.

  2. Cute pics...I liked the church clothes, boots, hat ensemble. And I totally know what you mean about switching back to yoga pants immediately upon arrival back home.


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