Thursday, October 11, 2012

a prayer (day 11)

Thank You, God, for this waiting time.  I sincerely mean it. I'm sure You are surprised... or maybe not because You are God, after all, and nothing surprises You.

Thank You for old friends who keep in touch, even when I stink at it these days. Thank You for their grace.

Thank You for new-ish friends, who wait with me through their prayers and their visits and their texts. I would not have met them, connected with them, if some of my circumstances had been different. Thank You, that You work all things together for my good, even the waiting.

Thank You for the long worked for, long prayed for milestones for Bugaboo. That which we have waited for so long is much sweeter than those things that come so easily.

Thank You that though the delays are hard and sometimes make me cry, I also know that currently I have been given the gift of extended baby-hood with my youngest. Thank You for this extra season of sweet innocence.

Thank You for the way the paychecks and GI money arrived just in time. I have never been more cheerful in Aldi and Wal-mart as I was this week.

Thank You for what you are teaching me as we await doctors appointments and bloodwork. Thank You for giving me the strength to be an advocate for my children, for the persistence to keep going when I'd rather give up. Thank You for the people I can be real with, who can handle my tears. Thank You that You will not waste my waiting, God.

And thank You for reminding me that Jesus waits, too. He is waiting to return, to wipe every tear from our eyes, to take away sickness and pain and death.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus.


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