Thursday, September 6, 2012

when the messiness of motherhood becomes a holy moment

Tonight after bedtime I was changing Bubby's pull-up. 

(He is ninety-eight percent potty-trained. However, he holds his poop until he is in a pull-up at bedtime. But this isn't about potty-training.)

I was doing what needed to be done, and he kept saying, "I pooped in my pull-up."
"I know, Bubby. It's okay. I love you."
"I pooped, Mommy."
"I know. Let's try to go in the potty next time."
"Maybe tomorrow. I pooped, Mommy."
"I know. It's okay. I love you."

And in that stinky, messy moment I still felt overwhelming love for my three year old. Yes, I wish he would get over his fear of pooping on the toilet. Yes, I am so over this phase of cleaning up the mess. But I love him more than I hate the mess.

In that moment, God whispered to me the same thing.

I love you more than I hate your mess.



  1. That is such a great reminder! Powerful.

  2. "God whispered,I love you more than I hate your mess". This is so powerful, thank you. Love the photos. Blessings.

  3. oh friend. "i love you more than i hate your mess." this is incredible. i love how he speaks to us. tells us exactly what we need to hear. bless you and your beautiful boys.


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