Sunday, September 23, 2012

Saturday sillies and sweet stuff

  • There comes a point when every small child is fascinated with belly buttons. Bugaboo has discovered how delightful his is.  This is one of about six body parts he can locate semi-consistently.  He has also discovered that Mommy has a belly button. However, when he finds mine, he scrunches up his face and is not delighted at all.  Not sure how I should take that.
  • "Let's walk, G. Let's try. Couple more steps!" Bubby has started "helping" me work with Bugaboo. It involves C holding G's hand or walking behind him holding onto G's shirt like he sees us do, though sometimes it looks like he might choke Bugaboo as he helps.
  • The weighted blanket we are trying for Bugaboo is working pretty well most naptimes/bedtimes. Even on the times it doesn't work perfectly, it is still an improvement over what we had been dealing with to get Bugaboo to sleep. My arm is very thankful for not feeling like it is going to fall off every night.

  • Bubby talking like an adult, "Thank you. I 'preciate it."
  • (In response to a question of if he would like something): "Yes, that would be fine."
  • Bugaboo is starting to be able to balance while standing and not holding on for several seconds. The trick is to trick him into doing it. If he realizes he is practicing, he won't cooperate.
  • Me (as he is walking to The Hubs' office): What are you doing?
     Bubby: I'm just going to get my swords. (comes out with an umbrella and a vacuum attachment)

  • Out of the blue conversation with Bubby as we were putting on shoes for preschool one morning:
    C: Mama, can we go to Disneyland again?
    Me: Not today.
    C: Maybe on Saturday.
    Me: No. Maybe when you are five or six.
    C: It's too far away.

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