Monday, September 24, 2012

Money Shot Monday - the power of clean sheets

I've been a bit stressed lately. Bugaboo's geneticist appointment this upcoming Thursday has my stomach in knots. My mind and heart have been up and down. I'm crying easily. On Saturday, on a Sonic run for corndogs, The Hubs said the expression on my face looked softer than it had the day before and that I was pretty. This morning, fter a weekend of avoiding house work, I tackled a bunch while Bubby was at preschool. After I picked him up, the boys and I put clean sheets on the bed. There are few things as wonderful as clean sheets.

What should have taken two minutes evolved into a rousing round of peek-a-boo with my youngest, teaching my oldest how to make the bed (unsuccessfully), and a lot of bouncing around on the bed. The only thing better than the smell of the dryer sheet lingering on the linens were the squeals from my boys. My bed is wrinkly, but my priorities are in order.

We spent the rest of the day eating grapes and quesadillas. I played "Our God" by request several times, which Bubby has retitled "The Power Song," while his little heart burst out in song, "Our God is hea-wer, awesome in POWER, Our God! Our God!" We ended the day with games of chase and pillow fights, and I don't remember I have felt so productive yet so carefree concurrently.

It was the best Monday we've had around here in awhile, and I have hope in my heart for Thursday.

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  1. Love this! Our kids are teens, but I still feel like the best time spent is doing something fun with them!

  2. ditto Sally!
    I have three teenaged boys :)
    Yours are precious!

  3. I'm so glad you guys had such a good day :)


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