Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jesus, the pirate

There is nothing like mommy-hood to teach you about faith. My boys teach me about patience and grace. For example, yesterday Bubby just stood there pretty undisturbed when another child pushed him out of the way at the library. I, on the other hand, had to muster every ounce of strength to not to tell his mom to do her job.

My kids teach me about joy in the mundane and little things. They constantly teach me about prayer - from their NICU days to the current doctor appointments and therapies. Bubby prays with enthusiasm before each meal. He prays in the car for rain. Niney-seven percent of his prayers are thank-you prayers.

The instant they came into existance, they started teaching me about unconditional love. And through my heart for them I get a glimpse of the Father's heart for me. Each day the phrase "faith like a child" becomes more and more meaningful, and more and more conviciting.

"Mommy, get the Bible. Read the boat story. Jesus is on the boat. It's the pirate boat."

"Jesus was on a fishing boat, Bubby, not a pirate boat."

"I wuv Jesus. I want to be like Him. Mommy, be like Jesus."

I don't know how much Bubby understands about faith at this young age. But I know that he understands that Jesus is real, that Jesus is important, and that Jesus loves him. And isn't that what we all really need to know?


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