Friday, August 10, 2012

five minute friday - connect

Join the fun at Lisa-Jo's for Five Minute Friday. (Be sure to check out the "rules" and other participants, too.)  This week's topic "connect."

I joke and tell people I am an extrovert in an introvert's body. Or sometimes I say it the other way around.  Whatever way you want to look at it, I like being around people, but I don't like big crowds.  Crowds intimidate me. The loudest people in the spotlight. The figuring out where to stand or where to sit or how not to look like a wallflower while finding someone to chat with.  Somehow I never escaped the fear of fitting in that began in middle school and the horrific dances there.

But I do love people. And being around them (well most of them). I love their stories. I love laughing so hard that no one in the group can catch their breath. I hate when the people I am around are upset, but I will be the first one to start crying with you if I see tears.

Connecting doesn't seem quite the same at this phase of life as it did in fifth grade.  But I get moments of it. Coffee with a friend. Someone else coming for dinner. Another texting to pop in for a visit. I am given hope by these interactions with others in my life right now. They remind me that we are not alone in this world.

Five Minute Friday


  1. Great post; I know how you feel... that connection with others so that we don't feel along in the world is so important.

  2. Ohhhh yes. I feel awkward, still, oftentimes. I often find MANY of us are! I am also an introverted extrovert or extroverted introvert... so strange to be neither and both, isn't it?

    I enjoyed reading your entry... I am still new to Five Minute Friday and enjoy all the responses.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed your post. I can totally relate. I feel like I am an extrovert and an introvert in the same body. I love people and can talk to anyone, but people also drain me. I love to be alone as much as I love people. I am visiting from Five Minute Friday.

  4. "figuring out where to stand or sit ..." haha! i hear you. it's nice to know we're not alone!

  5. I call myself and introverted extrovert too! And my husband is an extroverted introvert. Love it=)

  6. I can identify with this. I love connecting with people. But at the same time too many people can be exhausting. Give me some coffee with a few friends and i am good.
    PS I cry when others cry too.


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