Sunday, July 29, 2012

saturday sillies and sweet stuff - very much delayed

Well, on a Sunday since I've missed the last few Saturdays.
  • Babu said, "When pigs fly." Bubby overheard and said, "Pigs don't fly, they walk."
  • Bugaboo is PULLING UP to stand. Huge milestone. He is so proud of himself - smiles each time he gets up. We are pretty proud of him, too. He is cruisin' around furniture now, too. Even the corners.
  •  Buuby: "I'm a MAN. I'm a MacB____ man."
  •  Bubby: "I want to go to Zumba. I want to see Miss Sue." The Hubs: "You can't go to Zumba. It's just for girls. Maybe you can try pilates." Bubby: "Potties?"
  • Bubby (upon seeing Bug's band-aid): "Oh, G____ has an owie. He has a band-aid. Make it feel better. I'll kiss it. 
  • Bugaboo loves music. During the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics he moved his arms and upper body (his way of dancing) to all of the British pop music.
  • While I was cooking dinner, Bubby came out of his room and told me, "I did a no-no."  It took me a minute to figure out he had gotten into the baby lotion.
  • Bubby: There's water everywhere.
    Me: No, that's Bugaboo's drool.
     Bubby: I'm sitting in DROOL?!
  • Bubby: (randomly in his room) It smells like breakfast burrito in here.
  •  Bubby to Bugaboo: Do you want to go play with brother?
     Bubby to me: He wants to play. He wants to play with toys. He wants to play with brother.
  • Bubby enjoys playing pretend instruments while listening to music. He shouts out what he is playing. "Guitar!" "Piano." "Violin." "Drums!" "Boaf!"  (We are not sure what a boaf is.)
  • Bugaboo saying his first word, "Go-guh" (yogurt)
  • Me to Buuby: You may take a nap in your bed or you may spend naptime on the naughty rug. Bubby: Rug. - The child found out that wasn't such a fun choice as he thought it was going to be. Then he started calling out to Jesus.
  • Bugaboo finding his hair and his belly when you ask him.

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  1. So cute!! I smiled a lot at a few of those! ;-) Is "boaf" perhaps supposed to mean "both," as in your little boy is a one-man-band of sorts, playing to instruments both at once? ;-) - Rachel
    Have a blessed day!


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