Tuesday, July 3, 2012

a mid-summer Mac update

I don't where you all are, but around here it is h-o-t. Hot. I am going to blame my lack of consistent blogging lately on the heat. I think I am going to blame everything else that I don't like on the heat as well. Some days nine o'clock rolls around, and I find myself wondering, what did I do all day?

So far the boys and I have spent our days running our errands as early as humanly possible for a mommy with a three year old and a one year old. We have ventured to the air conditioned playground at the Chick-fil-a before the lunchtime crowds arrive. On this expedition I discovered the chicken and biscuit. Unfortunately I discovered this on day one of our return to trying to eat gluten-free. Why? Why? WHY?  Good gracious I love gluten.

The boys and I have made trips to the library, and we sometimes remember to time things right for story hour. We have earned a free food card from the summer reading program, which means ice cream trips to various businesses. It is too hot to go to the zoo, so we will mostly likely see it again in the fall, when everyone else goes back to work and school and the temperatures return to manageable.  Yesterday, we built a fort with sheets and chairs in the living room. At first the boys just wanted to destroy it, but eventually it became a boat, on which Bubby spied pirates and sharks and crocodiles. Fun times. The weekends have been filled with visits from old friends who have been in town, a cook out and a pool party. It has been great to not just sit around the house on Saturdays, but I think this month our social calendar slows down a bit and is overtaken by Bugaboo things.

In addition to physical therapy twice a week now (one through First Steps in home and one at a local out-patient facility), later this month we will (finally) be adding speech and O.T.  So July includes therapies, an IFSP meeting, getting his cyst (finally) removed, and a follow up appointment about that cyst. Therefore my plans to perhaps venture home this month have pretty much been squashed. On the upside, I don't have to spend seven hours by myself in the car with my children. On the downside I miss out on Happy Joe's and Whitey's ice cream... and oh yeah, seeing my lovely family.

After a lot of hemming and hawing, we decided to enroll Bubby in a two-mornings a week preschool next year. Someone is helping us with the cost of that, so we are thankful.  I am not someone who felt my child needed to go to preschool since I feel like I know how to teach my child. (And since I never went and I turned out so fabulous, haha). However, I have discovered I do not enjoy doing art projects with my son on a regular basis at this stage of development.  True confession: I hate trying to help him figure out how to use scissors. The other thing that tipped me over to the "let's try the preschool thing" was Bugaboo.  He has absolutely no one-on-one time with me. Two mornings a week to focus on Bugaboo while Bubby is away may be just the extra thing to help my youngest gain some ground with his development.

So that's the mid-summer update from the Mac-family. Oh, and The Hubs and I had a date night. God bless the people we sometimes trade baby-sitting with and the one who sent us a giftcard for dinner. We ate too much, played putt-putt in 100 degree heat, and had an enjoyable childfree three hours.  Perhaps more exciting things will occur in the weeks ahead, but if not, it will still have been a pretty decent summer.

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