Thursday, July 5, 2012

an easy and fabulous salad

About thirty minutes before lunch time Bugaboo fell from his standing position right onto his face.

 His lip busted right open, and after much ice and lovin' and a dose of Tylenol, my littlest boy decided to take an early nap. Which meant he missed out on my fabulous lunch that I threw together at the last minute. A lunch made of mostly leftovers, and yet it made the rest of us very happy.

  • Bag o' romaine that needed to be used up today
  • Leftover BBQ chicken from yesterday - even more tender and flavorful today - cut up a bit
  • Corn
  • Leftover black beans from the kiddos' lunch the other day
  • tortilla chips - crumbled
  • ranch and BBQ drizzled on top

Easy. Filling. And just as good as a similar salad I've had at Panera before, for a fraction of the cost.
Here is my picture - taken with my phone because I was halfway through eating. I'm not a food blogger, but I thought I'd smack this up here.
Yep, lousy photo. But fabulous summer taste.

And now a couple more pictures of my favorite subjects.


  1. salad sounds good. love the BBQ sauce idea. Will have to try that one.

  2. The salad sounds great! I need to BBQ some chicken so I will have leftovers to make the salad.


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