Friday, June 8, 2012

some additional thoughts to the last post

In case you were offended by my last post, ask yourself if you really should be.
  • My thoughts on the "mommy wars" can be found here.
  • And some thoughts on what I really want for my children are here.
  • For the record, I was raised by a single working mom for a large chunk of my growing up years. My mom always encouraged me that I could be anything I wanted to be, and she told me I did not have to be a wife and a mom to be happy/fulfilled.
  • I understand that some moms have to work. My questions come from witnessing many moms who put their careers/goals/personal fulfillment ahead of their children. There are stay-at-home moms who do not prioritize their children either.
  • My last post featured my thoughts, my questions, the issues I wrestle with. I do not claim to have it all right or to have all of the answers.  I think if more of us were honest about the things we struggle with, the world would be a better place. If my transparency is an issue for you, I suggest you not read my blog any more.

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