Saturday, June 23, 2012

saturday sillies episode 5

Missed last week, so here's two week's worth of funny stuff from my boys
  • "My peas are stinky." (avoiding eating his vegggies)
  • "See you later, Mike." (to The Hubs as he left for work one morning)
  • My son's vacuum obsession continued. My friend who helped with the preschoolers at VBS told me Bubby was using a tube balloon as a vacuum and saying "vacuum! Vacuum!" as he played
  • On the long ride home from VBS one day, Bugaboo was cranky and crying.  Bubby said, "It's okay, G----. We're almost home."

  • Bubby's prayer one night, ""Thank You for Starbucks. Thank You for Eli. Thank You for chicken. Thank You for poke in the eye." 
  •  Bugaboo had beef jerky for his morning snack (recommended by the OT and speech therapist). So funny watching him chew, chew, chew.
  •  Mike: "Where do pork chops come from?" Bubby: "From the kitchen."

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