Saturday, June 30, 2012

saturday sillies and sweet stuff (episode 6)

Just a couple of happy highlights from this week:
  • A request for me to sing "boogie boogie" ... took me awhile to figure out Bubby wanted to do the Hokey Pokey 
  • Bugaboo can stand at the coffee table or couch if we help him get up there. He will stand for quite some time and even cruise a little bit if he's in the right mood.  
  • Some Bubby quotes: "Excuse me, woman." (said to me in a sweet, not hostile, voice) and "CupCAPEs are my favorite!"
  •  I asked Bubby to do me a favor. Apparently I have yet to use that word with him because for some reason he thought he was getting a present.
  • When we were entering the house a few times this week, Bubby yelled out, "No buggies. Stay outside. Don't come in!" He also yelled this when we got into the car.
  • At the end of a snack of chips and salsa, Bubby felt the need to lick the remaining salsa off of his plate. 
  • Bugaboo woke up pretty early one morning the rest of this week, which enabled us to get some snuggle time in with him before big brother woke up. Rare for a second child.
  • I'm incredibly thankful that so far the boys still get along really well. Bugaboo adores Bubby, and Bubby really does try to play with and to help his little brother as much as a three year old can. The other day they had such fun "wrestling" each other (with much mommy supervision). Only a preview of the years ahead, I hope.


  1. Haha 'excuse me woman!' I love these posts that you do. It gives me a little glimpse of what's to come. Not to mention your kids are just adorable!

  2. I love the funny things your boys say! So cute. And the photos are precious. :)


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