Saturday, June 2, 2012

saturday sillies and sweet stuff episode 3

A week filled with birthday cards and cupcakes, FedEx packages and weather that couldn't make up its mind. I want to cram it back inside a box, tie it with a string, and be able to unwrap it over and over again.The Hubs and I found ourselves saying on more than one night before we drifted off to sleep, "I can't believe we have a three year old."  It seems like yesterday we were saying, "I can't believe we're going to have a baby."

 People who have had near-death experiences say their lives flashed before their eyes. I find that happening to me almost daily - my life flashing before my eyes. Time has to keep moving forward, but I want to be able to travel back to these moments and precious moments from seasons ago. I want to hold on, yet I want to let go and really live.

Attempting to wrap up some moments by writing them down... Saturday sillies and sweet stuff, episode 3

  • "...on the farm he had an elephant.  Va-ROoohh. EIEIO ... And on the farm he had a helicopter. EIEIO ..."
  • Bubby's new thing is to say, "Mommy," after most phrases. "The turtle is in the water, Mommy." "I cook in my kitchen, Mommy." "We go in the van-car, Mommy."
  • A pesky fly landed on our napkin holder at lunch the other day. "No! Don't take the napkins out!" And when the fly landed on Bugaboo's bowl, Bubby continued reprimanding the fly, "That's one. That's two. That's three. Go to the rug."
  • Bubby has stopped saying "Larry the Cucumber" and now refers to him as "The Giant Pickle." He also thinks it is hilarious when Ricky Gervais sings Elmo a lullaby.
  • Bugaboo deciding to spend most of his Friday crawling around very happy. It was his best crawling/interaction day I think we have had. Not much else got done around the house because he was "working" so well with me.
  • "Bugaboo is STUCK!" Bubby said, running into the kitchen where I am prepping dinner. Yep - somehow G was COMPLETELY under his crib, in a weird semi-sitting up position.
  • Me: "Do you want a drink of milk?" Bubby: "No, I fixin' my kitchen now." (new birthday present from Babu that he has played with pretty much non-stop.)
  • Bubby: That's a garbage truck over there. Me: Yes, it stinks. Bubby: It's stinky! There's poop in there!


  1. They are so funny! I can't wait until my little man starts talking more :)

    1. Just-turned-three is a really fun age. Of course, I have loved something about every age. God made them cute in the two's/three's to help us through the difficult moments, I think.

  2. I really love that he sent the fly to the rug!!

  3. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Praying for you as you parent two very special boys.


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