Tuesday, June 19, 2012

it's VBS week

It is VBS week here. Bubby gets to go for the first time, and he is doing pretty well, considering he is the youngest kid there (since he is only a few weeks into being three). Yesterday he made it most of the day without having to come up to my room/station, and today he made it all day.  It helps that a couple of my friends are in the pre-school area, and Bubby is a big fan of Miss Amelia, Miss Charity, and Pastor Melia. (aka as Miss Mee-yah, Miss Cherry and Pastor Mee-yah).
Me? I'm loving working with the elementary kids - twenty minute segments at a time to watch a short video and then have some discussion and prayer. Some of these groups really impress me with the way they pray for each other and what they share. One little guy even prayed for Bugaboo today (when his Crew Leader had asked me to share about my boys).  And Bugaboo? He is enjoying getting lots of snuggles from one of our favorite nursery volunteers.
All of this excitement on top of yesterday's schedule which also included physical therapy and today which included BOTH boys boycotting naps makes for one exhausted me. So this may be the only blog post this week.
I leave you with a video of Bubby saying his memory verse or his Wednesday night class. This is his first memory verse ever - and only a week in --- not too shabby.  :)

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