Wednesday, June 6, 2012

in which I share an opinion

If you are my facebook friend, you know I am riled up about a ridiculous vote we had in Springfield. Most people thought it was about second-hand smoke because that is how one side of the issue presented it. However, it was about freedom and business owners' rights. I am a big fan of freedom, even though I am not a big fan of smoke. I do not need Springfield to be smoke-free because I can choose to go to many smoke-free venues because many business owners make their businesses smoke-free already. Plus the legislation that was in question didn't repeal the restaurant smoke-free mandate anyway - it applied to other venues. But freedom lost last night. Sigh.
One other side note on that - I find it sad and frustrating that so many people speak about the right to health by infringing on business owners right to choose, yet these are the same people who speak loudly about abortion and the right to kill a baby. Yep, I went there. (And yes as a miscarriage survivor and a mom of two-preemies, I know that what was growing in me was a living human being.) I guess I just don't get the inconsistency - no one has the right to "make" you smell their smoke because that could harm you, but I had the right to "get rid of" Bugaboo and Bubby anytime before forty weeks gestation (which neither of them made it to, but they were clearly alive human beings when they arrived, even arriving very early). Sigh.

We lack so much personal responsibility in America.


  1. Completely unrelated to your post but a fun fact: I had no idea you were from Springfield, too! I had no idea we were neighbors!

    1. That is great! Are you a native to here, or did you get "stuck" here like so many people do? (And I say stuck with a loving tone b/c I have learned to love this place.)

    2. I grew up about 45 minutes north of here in the middle of nowhere. My husband got "stuck" here because of me. :)


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