Tuesday, May 1, 2012

some Tuesdays

Some Tuesdays you fold the laundry, only to have someone else help you unfold it. But when the culprit has spent time earlier this spring working on his "reaching in" skill in therapy, you don't mind quite so much. 
Some Tuesdays are spent teaching toddlers the art of wearing a dishtowel like a cape. The superhero then spends some time admiring himself in the mirror.
Some Tuesdays are spent fingerpainting with two children under the age of three just moments after lunch clean-up. Mother of the Year Award? Yes, I do believe so.

Some Tuesdays your two year old will play in the backyard, accessorized with the cape from earlier, a dinosaur backpack, and a watering can.  You will want to run inside to grab the good camera, but you know he will stop playing if you do. Instead  you take a quick picture on your pre-instagram-capable cell phone.

Then you watch every moment as he stomps and flits and scurries from one activity to the next. Amidst the chores that did and didn't get done, you enjoy these everyday moments on the first Tuesday of May.

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