Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday Sillies and Sweet Stuff

A week or two ago, a friend commented on my facebook how I should be recording somewhere all the hilarious things Bubby is doing.  I realized facebook is not enough, and that this blog, which started out primarily to be about Bubby (and later Bugaboo) has evolved into more than that. (Which is good.) However, I also realized that I do not do enough simple updates on the cute, funny, endearing, and ridiculous things the kids do.  Therefore, I am going to start a new Saturday deal most likely for the grandparents, aunties, uncles, and others who live far away.

Saturday Sillies and Sweet Stuff  
episode one
  • "P is for poo-poo! P is for piano! P is for popcorn!" Bubby showing off his fine pre-literacy skills.
  • In the kiddie pool in the backyard, "My shorts are wet!" as Bubby decides to take off his swim trunks (even though I tried to explain that it is okay for them to be wet). I did make him keep on his Little Swimmer pull-up things, which he did manage to take off for a minute on the patio.
  • Also in the pool, "Mommy's in underwear!"  Awesome. Again, swimsuit discussion.
  • "I LOVE monsters!"
  • When Bubby asks a question, usually starting with "May I have..." if he doesn't get the answer he likes, he answers his own question with, "Yes, you may!" very happily. (Sometimes he also says "made" instead of "may.")
  • Bugaboo is starting to crawl a little bit bigger distances - he can go about halfway across the bedroom or more. Of course, his favorite things to crawl to are the nightlight in his room (a no-no) and in the hallway he wants to go to the carbon monoxide detector (also a no-no).

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  1. my favorite is "mommy is in her underwear again!" HILARIOUS!!!!


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