Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday Silles and Sweet Stuff (episode 2)

Stopping to write down the things that my boys did that made me smile this week.
  • While I was cleaning the bathrooms this morning, Bubby popped his head in and said, "Yay, Mommy! Yay, Mommy!" (Sidenote: I do clean my bathrooms are on pretty regular basis.)
  • "ONE MORE JESUS!" Bubby quote of the day when I tried to wrap up bedtime prayers after he had thanked Jesus for about 300 different things,
  • Bubby was looking through a brochure the zoo sent us. In it there was a picture of a mouse (or some other nasty rodent), and I said, "That mouse is gross."  Bubs replied,"No it's NOT gross!" Apparently the tribe has spoken on that one.
  • Bubby hates getting his hair washed in the tub. HATES it.  But today in the pool he had such fun dumping water all over MY head. I dumped right back (carefully), but at one point totally got water all up in his face, espcially his nose. (I felt awful.) He was shocked, and I thought he would cry, but he didn't. He recovered very quickly and continued dousing me while shrieking with laughter.
  • Bubby's birthday is just a couple of days away, and as cards and presents have arrived, we have just let him open them (it seems better that way at his age).  Today he got a couple of cards with money in it, and he took a dollar out and said, "Here's for Daddy."
  • Bugaboo was sick Monday-Wednesday in ways I shall not even begin to describe, and then he spent the rest of the week just recovering. Hopefully lots of sweet and silly stuff from him in the week ahead.


  1. Aw, what a fun age! I love that you're writing these things down :)

  2. No no. Dollars are for Aunt Reba. I will send him my address.


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