Sunday, May 6, 2012

oh glorious weekend (MM 1013 - 1020)

Remember how overwhelmed I sounded Friday?
Sometimes blogging overwhelms me, too. I don't always know what to share, how to share it, and if what I am writing even has a point. But right now I don't want to care about my style or my content because I am overwhelmed by the goodness of this weekend.
The simplicity of sharing a late dinner with three friends and then sitting poolside talking much too loudly. Fun.
The toddler foot in my face at 6 AM on a Saturday... which provided the excuse to purchase quality coffee. Recharge.
The lawn freshly mowed by The Hubs without complaint, as usual. Blessed.
The baby being so close to crawling. So incredibly close. And his smiles lately. There are some lightbulb moments that keep giving us hope and encouragement. Thankful.
The ease of a Sunday morning of choosing to just go to 10:30 service this week. Sabbath.
The way the music made me want to dance if there had been room in the crowded row and if I was the sort of person who felt comfortable dancing. Joy.
The shade and the sunshine on a blanket at the park eating lunch with some really great people. More Sabbath.
The chasing of the toddler to the swings and to the really tall slide. Going down the slide after him, as he clapped and cheered me on from the bottom. Delightful.

and the practice of counting the gifts continues, even past one thousand...

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  1. Love this! Great way to give thanks and count your blessings. It helps put things in the right perspective for me when I do!


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