Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Last week, my friend Danavee, gave me a Liebster Award.  I am now supposed to write five random facts about myself and nominate five blogger friends.

My five random fun-filled facts:

1.My friend, Lisa, once convinced me to join her in painting our college letters on our faces before the homecoming football game. She also convinced me to participate in many other ridiculous activities including barn swinging, getting ice cream in freezing rain, and riding the virtual reality ride at the mall just because.  She did not succeed in convincing me to get a friendship freckle or a tattoo that said, W2S 4-ever.
2. My car is always a disaster of clutter. I would like to blame this on having kids, and much of the mess is now due to them, BUT even pre-kids I tended to live out of my car.
3. Even with online reminders, I am still a library-fine accumulator. (And therefore, library fine payer.) My fines are not as enormous as they were in my youth, but they happen more than I would like to admit.
4. I am a carb-aholic.  And a dessert-aholic.  And a fru-fru coffee-aholic. But there are much worse things to be addicted to than these, so I'm okay with it.
5. True confession: In third grade I did a dance routine to "Cold Hearted Snake" for our class talent show.  I should probably also make mention in this true confession that I have never, ever, not even once taken a dance class in my life. So I am not entirely sure what possessed me to pick dance as a talent since a)it obviously was NOT a talent, b)the idea of doing anything on stage like that today makes me so nervous I could throw up just thinking about it,  and c)I had a perfectly legit talent of playing piano back in the day.

Here are five bloggers I am nominating for this award:

Here is what to do if I tagged you:
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  1. HA! #2 and 4 sound like they could be on my list. Except with the car, it's because of my thrifting problem.

  2. Aw Thanks for nominating me!! I'll have to work on this today. How do I post the award on my blog? Cut 'n paste?

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  4. Oh, and I have a messy car too, and always have :) It was the only thing my Dad and I used to have arguments about when I was a teenager.


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