Thursday, May 24, 2012

how to buy a swimsuit

A few weeks ago, I purchased a swimsuit. But I wasn't 100% thrilled with it. So I returned it today. Which left me back where I started -swimsuitless.The two swimsuits I own are pre-kids. One actually was the tankini I bought in college, back in the day when people would vicariously buy swimsuits through me. Yes, my friends jokingly said that to me ten years ago. Those days are over.

Armed with my Mother's Day giftcard from my father-in-law and pushing an at capacity double stroller, we made the long elevator ride (or "alligator," as Bubby called it) to the Macy's swimsuit section.  Just as I got started looking through the suits, Bubby informed me that he had to go pee-pee. Thankfully we saw a clean and double-stroller-friendly-family bathroom. Bubby got stage fright and refused to peepee on the public toilet, but since he was in a pull-up, I didn't push the issue.

Back to the swimsuit section we rolled. I might also add that two or three saleswomen were looking at me like I was a potential shoplifter. Apparently in my 4:00 on Thursday stay-at-home-mom outfit, I do not look classy enough to shop there. One of the women wanted to "help me," so instead of having her lurk, I put her to work.

 "I'm looking for a simple one piece." I told her.
"Oh, well we mostly just have tankinis or other two pieces." she replied.

Yes, yes, I know. I was here last week and tried on a myriad of swimsuits that did not work in that category.  Today, almost right away I found (on my own) the one I wanted, Even so, the saleslady continued holding up several one piece swimsuits that I do not think I am in the right age demographic for yet... or ever.

"Are you going to try that on?" she asked.
"No, I think it will work."  I am not the type of mother that wants to take her toddler boys into a changing room and try on swimsuits in front of. Nor did I think my beast of a stroller would fit.

Now if you know me, you know I hate trying on clothes. I avoid it whenever possible, but I do not think I have ever purchased a swimsuit without trying it on first.  Usually I go through a dozen or two in a fitting room, each with its flaws. Or rather me with my flaws that the swimsuits and mall lighting accentuate.

Tonight I came home with my new purchase and tried it on. It fits, and I think I love it.  I look like a woman who has had two babies and has yet to find time or money or motivation to workout. But I love my suit. And my self-esteem was not lowered by critiquing myself in dressing room mirror. I think I may never try on a swimsuit at a store ever again.


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    1. Best of all, C didn't call my suit "underwear" today. Although he did point out my belly! Good thing I love that kid. :)

  2. I had good luck with a mail order swim suit last year. I was shocked. I wonder if it was because once it was here, I found more reasons to like it than to hate it (and have to go thru the trouble of sending it back.)


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