Wednesday, May 23, 2012

grace to stop ignoring the verbs

(for imperfect prose today, a poem reflecting the internal struggle I have had for so long - and am still having as I am still learning what it is to truly trust and obey)

We pick
                  and choose
                                          the parts of the Bible that appeal to us.

All of us do this.

Whether we are Commander in Chief or mega church pastor.
Whether we are seminary student or stay at home mom.
We say that we don't,
                                               but we do.

Which is why the world is so broken.

There is need such great need for compassion
such great need for accountability.

A need for grace and a need for justice.

Focused on what is convenient
or what is easy
or what is easy to tell others to do...
we end up ignoring the other parts
or even the big picture.

We claim to be pro-life and anti-euthanasia, but we ignore the orphan and the widow.
We preach on family values when it is against the homosexual, but we whitewash the lifelong effects of a family destroyed by adultery.
We tithe to have a church gymnasium and laser light shows during worship, but we can't give up this week's Starbucks to give a meal to a child in Africa ... or Springfield, Missouri.

We all have our roles to play, and what God calls one of us to He may not call the other.

But He does command this of His followers:

ensure justice for those being crushed
speak up for the poor and helpless
do good
help the oppressed
defend the cause of orphans
fight for the rights of widows
refuse to let the world corrupt you

So I pray that He gives me the strength and the grace and the ability to do what He calls me to do.
Then I rest in the promise that He will and He does.


  1. Right on! Lord, have mercy and change our hearts!

  2. I find it hard to feel God lately. I do hear him say this to me though. At first it was noticed in those around me and then I took a good look at myself. Your right, we all do it.
    I'll pray the same prayer, with you...

    1. Yes - I noticed it first in the way He was working in others, the way they were listening to His voice. Slowly, I am hearing Him - and it is different that "feelings" that I was expecting (and maybe hoping for).

  3. our God is so radically different than anything the world has ever known... i am constantly being shocked by how incredibly gentle he is. how truly good and trustworthy. this is a phenomenal post, friend. truly.

  4. I loved this, Amanda! So deep and fitly spoken :-)


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