Wednesday, May 9, 2012

eucharisteo - thanksgiving always precedes the miracle

This morning I prayed in the boys' room that Bugaboo would crawl today. I pray that on a fairly regular basis. Bubby sometimes echoes a prayer, "Help Bugaboo crawl." Instead this morning Bubby prayed, "Thank You for Bugaboo crawling. Jesus' name. Amen!" Later today, I remember what Ann Voskamp wrote about, "Thanksgiving always precedes the miracle." Eucharisteo.

About an hour later I had Bugaboo in the bathroom with me, and motivated by the crinkly plastic wrapper on the toilet paper package, Bugaboo did a little bit of crawling. Of course, I needed to see him do this again in a location suitable for filming. After moving him into the boys' room, The Hubs and I putting various toys and paper just out of reach. Time and time again, Bugaboo crawled short distances to them

Here is just a fifteen second clip of one of our exciting moments.

After months of physical therapy and A LOT of people praying, we are very excited and thankful.  Thankful for the prayers so many have prayed for us and with us, for friends who have laid hands on our little boy, for a community who asks about him on a regular basis, for a pastor who annointed him with oil, for those who have offered insight and advice. Milestones are always a big deal to parents, but I tend to think that those of us who have to wait for our milestone may appreciate them in a different way.

Most of us are waiting for something.  We are still waiting for other milestones with Bugaboo, but now with a little more hope than a few weeks ago. Some of you are waiting for that plus sign on a purple and white stick, for that job offer, for that book deal, for that person who is going to come along and want to do life with you as long as you both shall live. Waiting is hard. I pray if you are waiting you get your glimmer of hope soon. And I pray I remember these glimmer of hope moments in the waiting that still lies ahead.

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  1. 'Thanksgiving always precedes the miracle" Love Ann's words and thank you for the reminder.

    AND CONGRATS TO BUGABOO! I bet now that he discovered he can go, he'll want to go all the time!:)

  2. woohoo that is awesome big guy! and now you will have to keep up with him...smiles....

  3. oh my goodness amanda! this made me want to weep for joy. yay bugaboo! i want to hug and kiss him. so proud of him... and you, for your beautiful, patient heart. love e.

  4. Beautiful! And so happy for your family and your adorable little boy! Thanks for the sound reminder today! I needed it!!


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