Monday, April 23, 2012

today's adventures in toddlerland

Bubby kept me on my toes today.  Here were some of the festivities my oldest decided to take part in:
  •  Figuring out the childproof locks on the kitchen drawers. He did this to get out the mixing bowls so that he could "cook."  This also resulted in an attempt to get more spoons/spatulas off of their place on the counter.
  • Figuring out the childproof lid on The Hubs' medicine. Yep. As I was cleaning off Bugaboo, I heard a rattling just inches behind me. I turned around just in time to see my two year old taking the lid off a container of pills which had been out of reach. Child-proof lid, my eye.
  • A half-way successful attempt at unlocking both locks on the front door. My toddler wanted to go get the mail and did not want to wait for me.  That was an automatic naughty-rug date. We don't mess with the locks, and he knows better.
  • Mastering the word "macchiato."  Yes, while using my lovely Starbucks giftcard this morning (God bless the woman who sends me them), Bubby decided he also would shout out my order to the drive-thru. He may have articulation issues, but I think my kid was born to speak Italian. (Or at least to speak coffee.)

  • Hiding the church directory picture.  It arrived already in the mail today, our free 8x10. It wasn't as hideous as expected, so I put it on the piano for The Hubs to see when he got home tonight. Within twenty minutes of being on display, it was gone.  Bubby had relocated it to the "shred pile" in the office. Apparently he was not as pleased with the portrait.
  • Looking for Mrs. Green. Who is Mrs. Green? That is what Bubby is calling the book, The Teacher From the Black Lagoon. He loves it, even though I'm not sure how much he understands of it.  He loves it so much he spent his entire naptime looking for it and then "reading" it.  I may be regretting my decision not to send him to preschool next year.
  • And just in case all that bookworm stuff may make you think he is not all-boy, he started the day by pushing a diaper box next to a chair so that he could jump on the couch head first.
All of this was of course in between the regular stuff. Running to the library while we had the car this morning, meal preps/meal times/meal clean-ups, physical therapy, playing, reading, coloring, and making sure Bubs used the bathroom about every hour.

And sweet Bugaboo?  He had an incredible day with a little more independent belly creeping. a tiny bit of crawling backwards, and an awesome physical therapy session.

May this blog post serve as a reminder to me, myself, and I of why the laundry is still in the basket, the house hasn't quite recovered from my week of illness, and the baby swing that has been sitting in my living room since it being returned to us on Saturday.  Some things just gotta give.


  1. Do you register your Starbucks cards online? You could be working toward a gold card!

    Cute babies!

    1. The card is reloaded by a gift-giver, so hopefully she is working toward a gold card. I think I registered a card before, but I always forgot to reload it. I must do that since I am spending $ there anyway.
      Cute but ornery - especially the blondie. :)

  2. Haha, they keep you BUSY! Oh my, it's a foreshadowing of what I have to look forward to in the next year or so....

    1. Yes - definitely predicting your future, haha. It is really fun having too, but oh my... it's like nothing else! I hear that one to two is the hardest transition - harder than zero to one or two to three. So if we can do this, we can do anything! :)

  3. Some things just gotta give! Amen!

    1. Who woulda thunk it ten years ago in WA 206, right? I'd love to eat caf food and have only one little mint green room to keep clean these days. :)


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