Wednesday, April 11, 2012

some thoughts on my exercise habits (or lack thereof)

I am the type of gal who owns yoga pants, but wears them exclusively for lounging and Wal-mart runs. They have never been to a yoga class because I have never been to a yoga class.

Two weeks ago I tried running again. And by again, I mean every other year I decide I will try running, and it lasts a week or two. Then I stop for several hundred days. This time, I think I was inspired by The Hunger Games. I want to be the type of chick who can survive if the world is coming to an end.

 I ran two days. Well, I walked and jogged and walked and jogged.  I have every intention of going back to the park but life with two little guys and one car and The Hubs' crazy schedule gives me a great excuse to avoid running.  Meanwhile, I am praying the world doesn't start coming to an end until I can at least run the mile in under fifteen minutes.

I did try the exercise ball last week. Technically it is Bugaboo's therapy ball.  Because I am also not the type of gal who owns an exercise ball,it is on loan from our physical therapist.I saw something on Pinterest about exercises to get rid of the post-baby-pouch. So I got on the ball to try an exercise one afternoon. Bubby thought it was hilarious, Mommy up on the ball looking ridiculous.  As he laughed, he would get in my way, and I would run into him. He would laugh more. Bugaboo also found this entertaining Obviously I am not doing something right. 

I got a much better ab work out from laughing than from the exercise ball.


  1. I loved this! Laughter is a medicine you know! A work out and medicine.

    1. So true. And there is no such thing as too much laughter.

  2. Okay, first of all I must must MUST say. If you want to be a runner, you have run (even if it's walk, run, run, walk), you are a runner. Because half of the battle is believing that you are. But I get you all too well! Are you sure you weren't at my house whne you wrote this?


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