Monday, April 2, 2012

marriage letters - on serving together

Dear M,
We live in a city with two Bible colleges, a Christian liberal arts university, and a seminary.  Constantly surrounded by people who are in formal ministry or ministry-training, it is easy to forget that we, the non-theologians, are in ministry.

I see how for years you have handed out bulletins with me. We have passed the plate, broken the bread, held the cup.  We have made muffins on Saturday nights and brewed coffee on Sunday mornings.You faithfully helped to set up tables and chairs every week for a Sunday school class, and you help keep our church campus safe so we can worship worry-free.

You know that in my single days I did more than nursery work. I led a girls' small group, and I taught a jr. high class. I assisted preschoolers at Awana, too. I love teaching. Knowing about my past ministries, and my heart for serving in the present and the future, you have come alongside me.

You know that the way I best serve is in relationship with people, and you help make that possible. Each week you team up with me to get our house ready for small group.  I know you are an introvert. Therefore, it means a great deal that you are okay with opening up our home each week. Your role in our hospitality doesn't end there - you enable me to invite people for dinner or have friends drop by for coffee.

As I prayerfully consider what God has next for me - for service, for ministry - you always encourage me. When I say, "I should write about that," you respond, "Yes, go for it."  When I say for the millionth time, "I really think I should go to seminary," you say, "Yes. We can make it work." (And someday soon I will get over my fears and take you up on that offer!)

You understand that how we serve, both as a couple and as individuals, evolves and deepens as we age and as we grow in our relationship with Jesus. You are always open to the Holy Spirit's leading. That is why I am so thankful to be serving with you.

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