Monday, April 9, 2012

the marriage letters - the names I call you

Joining with Amber and others this April for The Marriage Letters.  Today's prompt is "The names I call you."

Dear M,

Hey, Babe. That looks so weird to write.  For it is the name we call each other aloud, but it doesn't look right in print to me. I know we call each other that a lot because from time to time I hear Bubby say things like "Hey, Babe." or "Come here, Babe." It cracks me up.

You would think after seven years of marriage we would have all sorts of nicknames for each other. But we don't.  I mean, I always suggest that you refer to me as "The Smartest Woman Alive," but so far that hasn't stuck.

We may not have a plethora of names, but we do have inside jokes. I love our inside jokes. I love the way you make fun of my Snake/Gerardo/any-impression-I-try-to-do voice.  I love how we say to each other, "Eh, litttle comment."  I love quoting movies with you at the perfect moments, though I am still nowhere near as good at it as you.  I love that we get each other's sarcasm. I can even mind-read your sarcasm across the room just by your body language or a look you give me.  Our humor gets us through - good times and bad times.

So we may not have names.  A few years ago, that would have bothered me, but now I realize that just isn't our style. We have our humor instead.  But feel free to start referring to me as The Smartest Woman Alive anytime you want, Babe.


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  1. I'm smiling as I read. It always surprises me how many inside jokes we have, which come to life awkwardly when spoken in front of others; we're laughing hysterically, or smiling, or responding in kind, and everyone else is thinking- 'what in the world?', and then we're shuffling side step, trying not to laugh, and completely unable to explain just what is funny, or what we're that shared history between James and I. You told it so well!


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