Thursday, April 5, 2012

coffee on a late Thursday morning

She showed up today with coffee and chocolate, a basket containing cups and saucers, and flowers in an olive oil bottle. 

I had been looking forward to this visit for a couple of weeks now, ever since she prayed with me impromptu on a Sunday morning and said that she would love to visit with me sometime.  Her kids are grown up, so she has already been on the path I am just starting off on.

We sipped and munched. She told stories and snippets of her life. The boys played in the kitchen and in their room and back in the kitchen, their faces covered in chocolate chip cookie joy.  I listened. I asked. I shared portions of my story, too.

She gave no advice, she just shared life.  Yet, when she said good-bye, I felt like I had some answers to questions I didn't even voice.  She gave me the gift of her time, of her presence, and in doing so reminded me that I have that same ability to give of that to others.


  1. "The height of joy isn’t simply to be blessed — but to become the blessing. " This line from Ann's post reminded me of this post (and of our most recent marriage letter).


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