Tuesday, March 20, 2012

priorities (just write)

This afternoon I need to clean out our dressers.

Over the last few months I've shoved papers, folders,  and odds and ends into safe places so I wouldn't lose them. I always intended  to take care of them soon.  This morning I realized the random junk has made it so that my pajamas are in three different locations.  I love organization, and yet I am becoming more and more disorganized lately.

Instead of working, I have plopped myself down on the sofa. The hum of the dryer and the buzz of The Letter Factory lull me to rest. The gray, rainy day after a week of sunshine and mornings outside only zaps my energy further.  Bugaboo tosses and turns on my chest, much like a cat circles a rug three times before laying down. Bubby sprawls out in his t-shirt and big boy undies. He is slurping from his sippy cup, while making sure his blond little head can be used as my arm rest.

There will always be time to get things done later.

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  1. There really will be time later for cleaning. I do the same thing, sometimes I look around at the mess and think, "it can wait".
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