Monday, March 26, 2012

multitude Monday 1013-1021

Sometimes I have so many words - I desperately want to get them right, and yet I click the keyboard and then hit delete. Phrases stick with me from this morning's message, from conversations I had, from the quiet voice of God speaking directly to my heart. I want to convey everything I am learning, hearing, needing, but the words are not enough. They cannot capture the magnitude of questions, concerns, celebrations, and reflections that are enveloping me at the moment.
So instead I will just stop and say Thank You.

Thank You for the words "spiritual covering," which pierced my soul this morning as I thought of the twenty-plus years I lacked such a gift. But then You revealed to me You were there. You have always been there, and so my healing continues.

Thank You for rainy days to wear a new sweatshirt and sunny days to sit in the grass with my boys.

Thank You for a husband who set the example of turning the other cheek today. His integrity, steadfastness, and depth of character are rare in modern men.

Thank You for how sweet Bubby looked falling asleep on the couch, half-dressed, on a day when he did not take a nap.

Thank You for Bugaboo's new sound, "nah nah nah nah" - every glimpse of progress we embrace and celebrate.

Thank You for the types of friends who will hang out on a lazy Sunday watching movies, eating leftover chili, conversing deeply.

Thank You that You know all things. You know hearts and minds, when others just see what they want to see.

Thank You that You are good.

joining with Ann's community today as we count our gifts

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  1. this is a good list. i also face the havesomuchtosayicantsayitall syndrome.
    that, and writer's block. :P

    he is so good to us. and he does know all things.


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