Friday, March 9, 2012

how to pray for Bugaboo this month

We are over a week into March. Bugaboo is officially fifteen months, but his skills are about that of a seven - ten month old, depending on what it is. He is getting much better eating solid foods, and his fine motor skills are improving, especially when food is involved.  His gross motor, verbal and some fine motor skills still have a loonnnnng way to go.
We have moments when we see a glimpse of improvement - getting out of sit, turning in a semi-circle on his bottom - but these have yet to lead to more moments or bigger milestones.  It gets discouraging because everything that is suggested are things we are already doing (physical therapy) and have always done (singing, reading, talking, dancing, playing).
March is a month of three appointments for Bugaboo. Please pray with us for the following:
  •  First up is a consult regarding the cyst on his eye on the 13th.  We have been wating a couple of months for this appointment. We hope they schedule to remove the cyst soon, and that there are no complications with that. 
  • Then we have Bugaboo's regular well-child appointment on the 15th. She mentioned a possible need for an MRI and speech therapy at the 12 month appointment - give us wisdom on how to proceed with those possibilities.  Pray for our pediatrician to be observant of anything that is amiss, to give me some information/insight on what to ask the neurologist, to continue being proactive,etc.
  •   Finally we have a six-month follow-up with the neurologist on the 27th.  This is the one we really want/need some prayers for. The old neurologist is gone, so pray that this new one is a knowledgable advocate for his patients.  Pray that we ask the right questions.  Pray that he observes anything that is not right.  Pray that he doesn't brush us off with the "give it some time" answer we hear so often.
  • With all of these appointments we just want wisdom and clarity for ourselves and for the doctors.  We want the doctors to be proactive and to help us know what next steps to take.
  • Please pray for Bugaboo's progress - for everything to just start clicking consistently.  We have seen huge progress in his eating - now we need everything else to click.
  • Pray for my discouragement.  It is really disheartening as a mother to see children several months younger than your own surpassing your child. It is hard to know that you work with your child, read to your child, sing to your child, play with your child, love your child - and the progress just isn't happening.  Pray for my feelings of guilt as I keep wondering what else could I be doing/shouldn't I be doing.
We are so thankful for both of our boys.  They are fun and sweet and exhausting and hilarious.  I cannot imagine my life without them, and I am amazed each day at what they teach me just by being in our world.


  1. amanda, we love bugaboo too!! praying for all these things and for you and mike!!

  2. We'll do one better...praying that the doctors are all stupefied when they see evidence of God's miraculous power!!

  3. As always, praying...xoxo

    Cousin Michelle


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