Friday, March 16, 2012

five minute friday - brave

 The rules and link-up for five minute friday can be found here. Today's prompt is BRAVE.

In the movies, brave is exciting, adventurous, sometimes fun, almost always rewarding. But in real life brave can mean packing up your family to hostile parts of the world - to go, to live, to serve, to share - with no guarantees other than the confidence that Someone Else goes before you.

What is brave about my life?

I live in a modest home in a less-than-modest neighborhood.  I want the better life to come tomorrow. I am not brave enough to want to stay. I want to be. I've stopped caring about comparisons in so many ways, but yet I hang on just a little, not brave enough to say, "Wherever, whenever, whatever it takes," because I am well read enough to know what this could entail.

It could mean never having that second car again. No picket fence. No good schools or neighborhoods. No money for a fru-fru coffee.

But what is the point of all of that extra stuff in the end? It all is destroyed in the end.

I see a family similar in structure to mine being so brave - surrendering and going - and I want to be brave, too.


  1. you're so right about bravery not being what we think it is... for me, it could be something as simple as starting a conversation I'm not comfortable with, or taking a class that will challenge and exhaust me. Perhaps being brave is simply doing that thing we don't want to and following Jesus regardless. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Isn't God great, the way He keeps rubbing on those ropes that tie us to self, and we feel the friction and KNOW the rope will someday be rubbed through and gone. How many times have I faced that moment with fear? The moment He burns through the anchor rope and I am adrift on a sea of Grace. Even on the ocean of His own making, I worry about where food will come from, fresh water. Yet the sparrows, He says, neither spin or sow, and yet they sing every morning and every evening, content to receive from the Father's hand what they could not provide for themselves.

    I love this post - it resonated with me deeply! May you be overwhelmed with Grace as the Savior continues to change your heart.

    1. Love your thoughts on the rope, the anchor, the sea of Grace. Beautiful and true. Thank you for your encouragement.

  3. Yeah, bravery is not what we think. And not everyone is brave enough. I like your write up.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I went to your blog, loved your entry about the little one learning to walk. (For some reason I couldn't get the comment box to work on your site.)It resonated with me as a mom of two littles - how the first steps, and every step there after require both the parent and child to be brave.


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