Thursday, March 22, 2012

beans and rice and contemplating easy

The Hubs works most evenings. Thursdays and Fridays are the longest days.  So for dinner tonight I made my easy standby - beans and rice. Microwave instant rice, heat up canned black beans on stove top. Oh, and throw some fruit on the trays for the boys, too.  Easy.

Unfortunately with a two and a half year old and a one year old, the simple beans and rice meal can get out of hand. And by out of hand, I mean out of their hands. Somehow when white rice hits my kitchen floor it multiplies like bunnies in springtime. Then my easy meal becomes an intense clean up as I hunt down every last grain of sticky rice while my toddler  pees next to the coffee table. Fun times.

As I was on my floor, I kept thinking about times I took the easy way out  in my life. Much of the time it ended up not being easy. And I consider the ways am I trying to take the easy way out these days. I know what I am supposed to do with my life, or at least a general picture. Yet, I keep trying to talk myself out of it because I want something that makes sense. I want comfortable. I want easy.

But not really.
Deep down in my gut I know what I want. I want better than easy.

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  1. oh yeah...better than easy...
    sounds so good...but then again that means it can be HARD sometimes...

    thanks for making me think!


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