Sunday, February 19, 2012

procrastinating and perfectionism (MM958-971)

Sunday night and all three of my guys are asleep before ten.  I sit here with chips and salsa, procrastinating.  I am not even completely sure what I am procrastinating about - sleep, straightening up, writing something important... something.

I realized that I really haven't written much about the boys lately - their cute stories, their milestone moments, even the monotonous details of life with two little ones.  Sometimes I am so consumed with wanting to write "the perfect post," that I end up not writing anything at all. I do that with a great deal of things in life.  So in an effort to rid myself of some perfectionist tendencies, I instead remember to give thanks for these moments, big and small, over the last couple of weeks.

the hubs installing a garbage disposal ~ Bubby saying, "Seriously, Dude!" with perfect intonation after Daddy said it first  on the road ~ encouraging note from an old friend ~ encouraging word in person from a newish friend ~ Bubby playing with bowls and spoons and Bugaboo doing his best to figure it out ~ coffee giftcards on a Thursday morning ~ The Hubs mopping on Valentine's Day ~ flannel pajamas and DVDs ~ 

Bubby shoveling and Bugaboo out in the snow for the first time ~ the education and ability to advocate for my kids ~ visits from family members ~ Bugaboo getting out of sit one time all on his own AND scooting forward just a teeny-tiny little bit, enough to show us he has some motivation the day after the P.T. said he was lacking motivation ~ friends who pray ~ powerful reminders of wells and holes and Living Water

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