Monday, February 27, 2012

surprise gifts and gifts of community (MM 972-987)

Each week I try to remember to take time to count gifts. Gifts of simple moments and sweet smiles, of persevering through a tough time or laughing at something ridiculous.  This weekend I was on the receiving end of two amazing gifts that I will never forget.

Saturday morning I received a text from a friend I rarely see, asking if she can drop by because she has something for me.  When she arrived, she handed me a card and a gift bag which contained a brand new adorable dress for me. Just because. 

I cried.  I get teary-eyed just writing about it.  It wasn't just the dress that was the gift. It was that she thought of me and acted upon it. Thoughtfulness.  She used the phrase, "You deserve it."  That simple phrase in itself is a gift - not because I deserve anything, I mean what really do I deserve? - but because it was a reminder that I am noticed.  The world of a stay-at-home mom can be lonely at times, and my friend's gift and her visit with me that morning touched my heart.

Sunday morning we received a gift of another kind.  Our young adult community had us bring Bugaboo up front to be anointed with oil and prayed for - for healing of his muscles and other developmental issues.  We are so thankful for these people who love our family - who act on that love through their prayers, their conversations, their time.  

We do not know how God will choose to heal Bugaboo.  I wrestle with the healing questions - of sovereignty and need and fairness and such.  But at the very least, I know that God is using these prayers and pray-ers to heal parts of me that have been broken for many reasons for a very long time.  And for that I remember that He is good.

joining with Ann's community to keep on counting the gifts

The Hubs enabling me to have time away on Friday and Sunday evening ~ February days to play outside ~ brothers reading books and sharing trains ~ the 20Twenty community ~ surprises from a friend ~ pants for Bugaboo ~ watching Steel Magnolias with three friends ~ first time success making lasagna from scratch ~ small voice saying, "give it all" ~ blueberry muffins with my three guys ~ blowing bubbles ~ the symbolism of the oil ~ meaningful conversation on a Thursday afternoon ~ faith that the right job will come my way in the weeks ahead ~ polka dot dress ~ the desire to purposefully leave a legacy for my children


  1. A truly beautiful list. I felt thankful just reading it. Thanks for the encourgement today.

  2. Your sons really are so cute! I LOVE that your friend stopped by with a new dress for special! I'll keep praying for Bugaboo too- God's healing hand be upon him :)

    1. Thanks, Meg. I tried leaving a comment the last two days on your blog telling you "CONGRATS!" but each time blogger wouldn't let me. :(


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