Thursday, February 23, 2012

reflections on community and Isaiah 53:2

If You were not beautiful upon first glance,
why do we seek the pretty face?

If You walked in humility on Your days on earth,
why do we seek out the loud, the charismatic, the popular?

What drew people to You?

It wasn't Your status, for they did not know.
It wasn't Your home in a great neighborhood, for You had none.
It wasn't Your feel-good message, for You told it like it was.

It was Your heart.
It was Your servanthood.
It was Your compassion.
It was Your understanding.
It was Your heart.

You see the woman of character sitting on the sidelines with so much to offer.

You see the man of depth serving quietly without recognition.

You see those wanting more of You so that they can give more to You and to others.

You see them passed over or used, rejected or ignored.
You see and Your heart breaks - for them and for those who walk by.

You have been there.

Help us to not be swayed by noise, appearance or a show.
Help us to see the truly beautiful - the beauty that does not fade or wrinkle.
Help us to see the heart.
Help us to have Your heart.

"...he had no form or majesty that we should look at him,
    and no beauty that we should desire him." (Isaiah 53:2 ESV)


  1. Loved reading this. Christianity has become a spectator's sport--worship a concert, Sunday morning a fashion show, small groups a chance to show the new furniture and appliances, and people are lost in the process--Jesus' message is lost.

  2. wow. this struck me so profoundly amanda. this is what i want my children to see: my heart for Jesus. this is all.


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