Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday afternoon naptime and MM 914-923

He sat at the foot of his bed, quietly leaning over and stacking his Megablocks into a lovely tower.
I watched him from my position on the couch, the perfect place for seeing directly into him room. Though it was naptime, he was playing, but so beautifully that I did not want to tell him to lay down for he was not being rambunctious.  Just a few feet away in the crib his little brother was sleeping soundly.

The most precious moments I want to capture on camera are the ones I dare not interrupt by the click of the shutter.

So I watched and wondered what happened to my baby for here before my eyes was definitely a little boy.

He glanced up from his work just long enough for him to catch my eye and smile a nervous grin, waiting for me to tell him to go to sleep.  Instead I smiled back, and his eyes twinkled.

"Want to come sit with me?"

He hopped out of his toddler bed and scurried over to me.  I grabbed his sippy cup of milk, and he snuggled in, mostly on my lap, somewhat on the couch.  After a few minutes, his breathing slowed, and he slept.  Still my baby on some Sunday afternoons.

joining with Ann to keep counting gifts
914. Bubby's first time on roller skates
915. Bugaboo saying his second word, Dada
916. working hard on physical therapy
917. friends who help with kids and transportation and improptu invites
918. hum of the washer and dryer
919. former professors who pray for us, with us, over us
920. realization that roller rinks have not changed much since 1988
921. memories of incredible friendships in my growing up years
922. orange juice every year about this time of year
923. hot chocolate in the middle of the day


  1. Great writing...I also enjoyed your previous post about growing and aging and making an intentional difference. You ARE making a great difference in many lives, especially in your own sweet family. But your reach goes beyond them and to more than you know!

  2. Lovely post! Well written and from the heart. Hope you are doing well! God bless! Oh and check it out, I tagged you on my blog in one of my recent posts! :)


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