Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I was going to write a catch-up post from the holidays and traveling and such, but tonight I am overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed by the kindness of a friend who not only picked me (and Bubby and Bugaboo) up for a facilitators meeting, but also helped me take care of them in that meeting by bring her laptop and dvds and giving my toddler her plate of chips and salsa.

Overwhelmed by the kindness of another who sat next to me and held a teething Bugaboo during the meeting.

Overwhelmed by the generosity of another friend who gave me a ride home tonight.

Overwhelmed by the amazing hospitality of my sister-in-law and brother-in-law and their kids as they fed us, housed us, and provided transportation for us for two and half weeks (and gave us a date night).

Overwhelmed by the gifts of our various family members who made plane tickets, travel expenses, taking care of unexpected plumbing bills, and Disneyland tickets possible.

Overwhelmed by how much it meant to hear a a sincere hello, how are you, let's get caught up soon  tonight from a couple of new friends that I really want to get to know better.

Overwhelmed by how a word of encouragement from someone I do not know at all reassured me when I thought I was a bumbling idiot. 

I am overwhelmed with a few things we have to deal with in the days ahead - a phone call about mismanaged paperwork (not on our end, on the other end), Bugaboo going ANOTHER week without physical therapy and my fears about his delays, a new semester starting for The Hubs, .... the list could continue.

 Instead tonight I am overwhelmed by God's faithfulness to me in the small things.


  1. You have been blessed with wonderful people in your life. I love getting to read how they reached out to help you.

  2. Way to go! Be overwhelmed in a GOOD way! I love it when I feel "overwhelmed" by God's goodness to me in all the small things that still matter so much!

    I made a post today and you are tagged in it! So check it out! God bless! :)


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