Monday, January 23, 2012

mm 924-946

This week feels different than last.  More hope. Less tension.  More peace.

Even with having to make a frustrating phone call at 4:30 today. Even though things didn't go exactly as planned. I'm ending the day snuggling with my two favorite little ones who are dressed in matching doggie-footie pajamas after reading a dozen or so books to them because Bubby kept saying, "One more! One more!"

Even on a Monday, I love this part of the day- us smooshed on 1.5 sofa cushions, quietly enjoying the calmness of almost-bedtime. Blonde head on my shoulder, baby's wild fuzzy hair tickling mt nose.... stay little, sweet boys.

joining with Ann's community to give thanks for:

clean clothes on the bed ~ misunderstanding discussed ~ favorite jeans out of the drawer~ letters on signs Bubby calls out ~memory of Ebby-dog eating ice cream ~post-2babies-belly ~ Saturday afternoon nap ~ toddler toes sticking out of blankets~ two front teeth poking through~ dogeared page on borrowed book ~ crayon marks on the table ~sunshine on cold days~ a chance to keep promise ~ progress in Bugaboo's development ~ 1 John 1:9, Gal 5:1, Acts 1:8- forgiveness, freedom, and power ~ Bubby dancing like a crazy-happy kid ~ screening appointment. set for Feb. for Bubby ~ card in the mail that made me miss Papa~Tues & Thurs off this semester~ outside play in January~ Bugaboo grabbing toes~ vanilla Dr. Pepper ~Bugaboo grabbing my face after he eats and smiling at me~

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