Monday, January 30, 2012

marriage letters - an ordinary love letter

joining with Amber and others in writing weekly marriage letters

Dear M,

I have a pile of thank you notes from Christmas still needing to be mailed out, and as I think about that, I realize how often I do not say thank you to you, how much I appreciate you, and how I enjoy being your friend.

There are few men out there that don't care if their wife prefers short hair, or who would rather have an extra five (or twenty-five) minutes of sleep rather than put on make-up, or who have worn sweatpants more in the last two years than she ever though was humanly possible.  Thank you for being that type of rare man who tells me I'm pretty just as often on those sweatpants days as you do on the days when I actually put myself together.

You have never been intimidated by my trust issues, but instead you continue to stay by my side, even when I least deserve it.  Your belief in loyalty, honesty, and perseverance are such an asset to our marriage and our family.

Right now you are in your office working on homework after a day of taking Bubby to the park, helping me with our sick baby, dealing with clients and no-shows, and probably a bunch of other things you don't tell me about so as not to burden me.  You constantly make sacrifices and are trying to find a new field so that I can continue staying home with our boys.  I know I do not show my appreciation enough for this.  Thank you for  working hard and not being bothered by all the material things we are missing out on at this phase of life because of my desire to be at home with our children.

There is so much more I would like to say, but it is getting late, as time always seems to by much more quickly once the babies are asleep.

I love you.

- A


  1. Love love love it! :) I try to thank my husband quite often.....they say successful marriages use frequent, small gestures such as this and it makes a big difference! :)


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