Thursday, January 19, 2012

a hard poem to write

how did I become this person,
the one who said in so many ways
You don't make me happy,
even if I never uttered that exact phrase?

glaring in black and white -
the truth of what I am, what I've done, how I've felt,
and because I feel hurt, entitled, enraged,
I pick up my pen and start to make excuses

even amidst your hurt, you identify my hurt,
through a prophetic word picture from a week ago

a seed of trust
buried deep under the dirt
of disappointment, rejection, abuse, abandonment,
cut off from light and water,
never growing into what it was designed to be
though it has so much potential

and this image ticked me off
it. was. true.

I have been given a choice

with the words choice
I feel like I'm twelve again
for the right choice to be made

it terrifies me
to think that I could maybe do
what I swore I would never do

who would know better than me
that they need me
to make the right choice

this broken girl needs to break the cycle

help me, Jesus

joining with emily and imperfect prose


  1. This is so moving Amanda. I understand the struggle.

  2. You're brave to be honest and bear your soul. You're being honest and I know God will answer your pleas for help as you continue to sort through feelings.

  3. oh amanda. this is so achingly pure. you are not alone, friend. xo


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